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CCD Images - Session 598 (2016-12-27)

Objects Session Notes
Bullet Abell 10 - Planetary Nebula (PLN 197-14.1)
Bullet Photometric Monitoring - Variables
Bullet Astrometric Monitoring - Nearby Stars
- Evening session (4 hrs duration).
Clear skies. Wind 0-5 mph. 
- Session operated mainly from the observatory 
- Ambient Temperature:  -1.5degC (minimum)
- CCD operation -25 and -30degC (at % average cooling). 
- Planned objectives of the session were to return 12" LX200 scope back to observing/imaging following replacement of Main Board and to examine impact of RA drive on telescope tracking
- Notes from 2016-12-27 >>
(includes notes for the period 2016-11-23 to 2016-12-29, with details about LX200 failure in Nov (main board), RA Drive Issue/Fix and plans for new equipment in 2017

Abell 10 - Planetary Nebula (PLN 197-14.1)

Abell 10 / PLN 197-14.1 (Orion)
Deep sky challenge object in the Jan 2017
edition of Astronomy Now magazine
CCD Image (50% size)
4 x 30s exposure (average combine), 3x3 binning, C Filter
2016-12-27 22:57h UT (#598220-39)
12" LX200R  (at f/10.4) + ST-10XME
Abell 10 - detail
CCD Image (100% size, cropped)
Image details as above
Abell 10 - Imaging Problems due to RA gear slip
Poor telescope tracking with 40-50 arc sec jumps in RA every 105 seconds due to worm gear slippage resulted in only 4 usable frames out of 27 frames taken 
(an 85% wastage factor).
The image below shows an example of a rejected frame
Annotated CCD Image (50% size)
30s exposure, 3x3 binning, C Filter
2016-12-27 23:02h UT (#598235)
12" LX200R  + ST-10XME

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