David's Astronomy Pages (Image Gallery)
Sky Tour Collections

This page provides a index to a series of Image Collections based on Sky Tours featured in various editions of the Astronomy Now magazine (2006-2015).

Spring Tours
Bullet Mar (1) Spring Galaxies (a)
Bullet Mar (2) Spring Galaxies (b)
Bullet Apr (1)    Virgo Cluster Galaxies  
Bullet May (1)   Globular Clusters
Bullet May (2)   Hercules
Summer Tours
Bullet Jun (1) Lyra
Bullet Jun (2) Summer Star Clusters
Bullet Jun (3) Southern Targets
Bullet Jul (1) Ophiuchus
Bullet Jul (2) Summer Planetaries
Bullet Aug (1) Cygnus
Bullet Aug (2)   NGC gems
Bullet Sep (1) Aquarius
Bullet Sep (2)   Autumn Red Stars
Bullet Oct (1) Autumn Galaxies
Bullet Oct (2) Autumn Planetaries
Bullet Nov (1)    Autumn Star Clusters  
Bullet Nov (2)   Eridanus
Winter Tours
Bullet Dec (1) Winter Nebulae 
Bullet Dec (2) Winter Deep Sky
Bullet Jan (1) Orion
Bullet Jan (2) Orion Molecular Cloud
Bullet Jan (3) Monoceros
Bullet Feb (1) Gemini
Bullet Feb (2)   Lepus, Canis Major & Puppis  

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